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Mikhail Prekhner. New Additions to the Museum’s Collection

Multimedia Art Museum, 12.01—18.03.2018

In the gardens of my imagination

Multimedia Art Museum, 20.12.2017—4.02.2018

Painting, photography

Multimedia Art Museum, 20.12.2017—11.02.2018

Dedicated to the victims of political repressions

Multimedia Art Museum, 20.12.2017—4.02.2018

War and Peace. At the dawn of european photojournalism. 1910s

Multimedia Art Museum, 20.12.2017—11.02.2018

33 Beginnings – 100 years of Finnish design

Multimedia Art Museum, 16.11.2017—4.02.2018


Multimedia Art Museum, 16.11.2017—4.02.2018

Facing East

Multimedia Art Museum, 3.11.2017—11.02.2018

Hungarian avant-garde. 1918-1939

Multimedia Art Museum, 10.10.2017—8.01.2018

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Bolshoi. New TimeCOMING SOON

Dudinka, Exhibition Hall of the Municipal Budgetary Cultural Institution "City House of Culture", 26.01—27.03.2018

Primrose. Early colour photography in RussiaCOMING SOON

Nizhniy Novgorod, Russian Museum of Photography, 18.01—18.03.2018


Yekaterinburg, Yeltsin–Center, 20.12.2017—25.02.2018

Russia. 1917

Samara, Museum of Modern, 12.12.2017—4.02.2018

Bolshoi. New Time

Norilsk, Museum of Norilsk, 17.11.2017—21.01.2018

2017 Pirelli Calendar by Peter Lindbergh and more..

Kirov, The Vasnetsov Brothers Art Museum, 16.11.2017—8.01.2018

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