Children’s fashion 100 years ago

Zagorje gallery , 28.09—10.11.2019

Rosemarie Trockel

Multimedia Art Museum, 18.09—17.11.2019

Selected. To the 100th anniversary

Multimedia Art Museum, 18.09—20.10.2019

Lobster Land

Multimedia Art Museum, 18.09—14.11.2019


Multimedia Art Museum, 18.09—17.11.2019

«The Industrial World of Alexander Rodchenko»

Zagorje gallery , 1.08—22.09.2019

Classics of Croatian Photography

Multimedia Art Museum, 28.06—28.07.2019

From Neorealism to Aquileia

Multimedia Art Museum, 28.06—28.07.2019

Movement. 1920s

Multimedia Art Museum, 28.06—28.07.2019

Frozen in time

Multimedia Art Museum, 20.06—1.09.2019

House with Fifteen Keys

Multimedia Art Museum, 5.06—28.07.2019


Multimedia Art Museum, 5.06—1.09.2019

VR: the new laws of art

Multimedia Art Museum, 31.05—16.06.2019

All Eyes

Multimedia Art Museum, 30.05—28.07.2019

“Szigetbecse, the cradle of my art”

Multimedia Art Museum, 30.05—28.07.2019

Photo album of Yusupov princes

Multimedia Art Museum, 17.05—23.06.2019


Multimedia Art Museum, 20.04—9.06.2019

A Walk

Multimedia Art Museum, 19.04—31.05.2019


Multimedia Art Museum, 19.04—12.05.2019

Fierce expressionism

Multimedia Art Museum, 12.04—12.05.2019

China Girls

Multimedia Art Museum, 12.04—2.06.2019

The three lives of Agnes Varda

Multimedia Art Museum, 12.04—22.05.2019


Multimedia Art Museum, 6.03—24.05.2019

Old Future

Multimedia Art Museum, 22.02—7.04.2019

Soviet daily life. 1930s — 1960s

Multimedia Art Museum, 22.02—7.04.2019


RuArts Gallery, 21.02—10.04.2019

Dreaming. Pirelli Calendar 2019

Multimedia Art Museum, 15.02—12.05.2019

A day in the museum

Multimedia Art Museum, 15.02—7.04.2019

Non-Objective Reality

Multimedia Art Museum, 15.02—14.04.2019


Central exhibition hall Manege, 13.02—10.03.2019

Intrinsic Journey

Central exhibition hall Manege, 13.02—10.03.2019

Glam-Aesthetics of Power. A journey to North Korea

Central exhibition hall Manege, 13.02—10.03.2019

Africa: zoom in / zoom out

Central exhibition hall Manege, 13.02—10.03.2019

La Diablada

Central exhibition hall Manege, 13.02—10.03.2019

Where is my plastic bag?

Central exhibition hall Manege, 13.02—10.03.2019

Winter Tales

Gallery of classic photography, 7.02—30.03.2019

Furious Beauty: The Life and Times of Stanley Greene

Multimedia Art Museum, 31.01—17.02.2019

Eclipse Time

Multimedia Art Museum, 31.01—14.04.2019

Dapple and Dazzle

Osnova Gallery, 30.01—17.03.2019


Multimedia Art Museum, 19.12.2018—17.02.2019

Ogoniok. Life as a holiday

National Museum of the Republic of Komi, 14.12.2018—18.02.2019


Multimedia Art Museum, 13.12.2018—27.01.2019


Multimedia Art Museum, 13.12.2018—7.02.2019

Still Art Collection. Selected works

Multimedia Art Museum, 12.12.2018—26.02.2019

A sound is heard: they are singing

Multimedia Art Museum, 11.12.2018—10.02.2019

Pisando arte

Multimedia Art Museum, 27.11.2018—4.04.2019

Moscow album

Multimedia Art Museum, 24.10.2018—3.02.2019

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Allegoria Sacra

Yekaterinburg, Yeltsin–Center, 12.09—27.10.2019

Dreaming. Pirelli Calendar 2019

Irkutsk, Victor Bronstein Gallery, 11.09—3.11.2019

Predictions and Revelations

Saint Petersburg, Central exhibition hall Manege (Spb), 19.07—22.09.2019

Primrose. Early colour photography in Russia

Kirovsk, Museum and Exhibition Center of the Kirovsk branch of JSC Apatit, 12.07—2.09.2019

Painting, photography

Kirov, The Vasnetsov Brothers Art Museum, 6.06—25.08.2019

Genius in the studio and behind the Paris art scene

Voronezh, Kramskoy art museum of Voronezh region, 2.06—30.06.2019

Photorelay race. From Rodchenko up to now

Yaroslavl, Yaroslavl Art Museum, 31.05—25.08.2019

Dreaming. Pirelli Calendar 2019

Novosibirsk, Exhibition Hall "Victory", 27.05—31.07.2019

Primrose. Early colour photography in Russia

Arkhangelsk, "Cultural Center" of the Arkhangelsk Organization of the Union of Artists of Russia, 18.05—14.06.2019

Bolshoi. New Time

Saratov, Historical Park "My History", 16.05—9.06.2019

Crimean spring. Year 1944

Salekhard, Yamal-Nenets district museum exhibition complex of name I.S. Shemanovsky, 1.05—26.05.2019

Heroic Sevastopol

Gavrilov-Yam, Center for Folk Art, 29.04—30.05.2019


Yekaterinburg, Yeltsin–Center, 17.04—26.05.2019

Painting, photography

Samara, Samara Regional Art Museum , 4.04—26.05.2019

Priceless Testimony

Satka, Palace of Culture "Magnesite", 3.04—2.06.2019

Pirelli Calendar 2018. Tim Walker

Samara, Samara Regional Art Museum , 28.03—26.05.2019

Fashion and Fiction

Nizhniy Novgorod, National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Volga region branch, 6.03—26.05.2019

Dedicated to War Photographers

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Museum-memorial complex «Victory», 15.02—14.04.2019

Pirelli Calendar 2018. Tim Walker

Voronezh, Kramskoy art museum of Voronezh region, 31.01—17.03.2019

2017 Pirelli Calendar by Peter Lindbergh and more..

Krasnoyarsk, Museum Center „Ploschad Mira“, 20.12.2018—17.02.2019

Children’s fashion 100 years ago

Khimki, Moscow region,, Museum complex of the Park of Culture and Rest named after Leo Tolstoy, 1.12.2018—28.02.2019

Our 1990s. A Time of Changes

Yekaterinburg, Yeltsin–Center, 31.10.2018—20.01.2019



Geneva, Maison communale de Plainpalais (Pitoëff), 1.11—10.11.2019


Arles, Couvent Saint Césaire, 1.07—31.08.2019

Revolution in Photography

Zagreb, Museum of Arts and Crafts, Zagreb, Croatia, 18.06—8.09.2019

Alexander Rodchenko

La Gacilly, Maison de la Photographie de la Gacilly, 1.06—30.09.2019


Paris, Grand Palais, 20.03—1.07.2019

Revolution in Photography

Senigallia, Palazzetto Baviera , 26.10.2018—20.01.2019

Dreaming the Future. Russian Avant-garde Art and Design

Istanbul, Sakıp Sabancı Museum, Turkey, 18.10.2018—1.04.2019