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The Rain Theorem

Multimedia Art Museum, 13.04—18.08.2024


Multimedia Art Museum, 13.04—18.08.2024

A gift to the museum. In memory of Yuri Rybchinsky

Multimedia Art Museum, 13.04—24.07.2024

Atlas of the New World

Multimedia Art Museum, 13.04—18.08.2024

Sport in Photography. From Rodchenko to the Present Day

Multimedia Art Museum, 13.04—18.08.2024

Moving on. Artist's Lab

Multimedia Art Museum, 13.04—18.08.2024

It's winter, and it's all over again

Ekaterina Cultural Foundation, 13.12.2023—4.02.2024

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A gift from the Karisalov family to the Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow

Nizhniy Novgorod, Nizhny Novgorod State Art Museum , 21.06—28.07.2024

Ogoniok. Life as a holiday

Satka, The Magnezit Museum, 23.05—14.07.2024

Ogoniok. Life as a holiday

Satka, The Magnezit Palace of Culture, 23.05—14.07.2024

A day in the museum

Saint Petersburg, Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art, 26.04—25.08.2024

Priceless Testimony

Syktyvkar, Centre of Cultural Initiatives "Yugor", 10.02—31.03.2024

Codex Rescriptus

Syktyvkar, Centre of Cultural Initiatives "Yugor", 22.12.2023—28.01.2024

Feast in the photos of the authors of pre-revolutionary Russia

Samara, Samara Eparchial Museum of Russian Orthodox Church History, 1.12.2023—28.01.2024

«The Industrial World of Alexander Rodchenko»

Tula, Tula Historical and Architectural Museum, 24.11.2023—31.03.2024

Still here. Tratidional images in contemporary Russian style

Moscow area, Museum-reserve Arkhangelskoye Exhibition hall in the "Botanical orangeries" , 20.09.2023—10.01.2024