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Sergey Burasovsky
I want summer!

Moscow, 16.03.2011—3.04.2011

exhibition is over

Glaz Gallery

Malaya Ordynka, 23

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Artist’s collection, Moscow
Artist’s collection, Moscow


For the press

A new exhibition of Sergey Burasovsky is worth seeing. Because this photographer is known for his vivid, rich colors. And because everyone loves summer. And now, in greyish March, all you want is bright, striking summertime. Everyone has his own summer, and this show contains about 60 pictures of summers of all kinds. Someone's summer is noisy and corwded like it is on the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema, in Rio. Someone's summer is luxirous and comfotable, as the summer of this girl sitting by the pool in Las Vegas. And someone's summer is thoughtful and lonely as such of a man standing on the Atlantic coast. This show has some childhood memories. A dog running on the sea shore. Kids jumping onto the waves. It has some romance too. There's a couple laying on the sand and another couple scrutinizing someone with binocular. And it also has a bit of sadness. It comes when you suddenly realize that summer always has to end. In his photographs Sergey Burasovsky is telling us stories he heard or saw. In almost all of the pictures from this show there are people with their own summer stories. But besides those stories his photographs convey something else. The feelings of salty sea water splashes on your lips, hot sand under your feet and tender summer sun.